Here is a webpage. It looks circa 1996, but it's actually from 2006. Enjoy.

If you're looking for the openGR website, it can be found here: (Note: The code available for download is a much older version. Please email me if you need the latest code base.)

You may need to right click (or command click on a mac) and download the movies to watch them. Occassionally they cause Safari to crash, so its best to download them and view them with quicktime. They are all in mpeg format.

Puncture Movies
  FMR Runs
Incomplete, first run with FMR
Includes patch layout, processor layout, and movies of the conformal factor and Hamiltonian constraint violation
FMR run with restart
Includes patch layout, processor layout, and movies of the conformal factor and lapse. This directory also includes output of the Hamiltonian constraint at T = 15m.

  Patch B:
Jpeg Outputs
  Both Patches:
More Jpeg Outputs
Even More Jpeg Outputs
Yet Even More Jpeg Outputs
  Mesh Refinement:
Refinement Jpeg Outputs

1-D output from recent simulations:
ADM with all patches evolved and interpolated
NOR with all patches evolved and interpolated

Previous runs:
Cartesian 63^3, spheroidal 21^2, NOR run
NOR constraint / unconstrained plots

Poster for EPW:
This poster was done entirely in LaTeX!
Poster.pdf (3mb) (19mb)

Drafts of relevant papers and pre-prints:
This is a tutorial covering constrained hamiltonian dynamics, specifically geared towards hamiltonian formulations of gauge theories. (Newer version available, email for updates)
tutorial.pdf (388 Kb)

Details of a distributed interior point method algorithm for L1 linear regression, parallel support vector machine implementation, and distributed least squares linear regression.
ipm.pdf (300 Kb)

Derivation of analytic throat formation for puncture evolution of an isolated Kerr black hole.
punctureKerr.pdf (153 Kb)

Conference proceedings on openGR scalability.
mgm12_proceedings.pdf (121 Kb)

Graph Processing:
Results from scalability tests of the open source Pregel framework GoldenOrb (Golden Orb) can be found here: GoldenOrb (Golden Orb) Scalability
Included in the analysis of GoldenOrb's scalability is a comparison with scalability results for Google's Pregel framework and the Apache project for large scale graph processing, Giraph (which, like GoldenOrb, also provides an open source implementation of the Pregel framework / Pregel API).

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