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Additional Software

The following are platforms and software releases which openGR has been tested with. All software marked with an asterisk is a prerequisite.

Mac OS X
version 10.4, ppc and intel platforms
A mach bsd based operating system.
Redhat Fedora
core 4 and 5
A linux distribution.
version 3.3.x and version 4.x
An open source compiler suite.
iFort Intel Compilers
version 9.x
The Intel Compiler Suite
version 7.1.x
An MPI implementation.
version 2-1.0.x
An MPI implementation.
version 1.6.x
HDF5 is a data format popular for scientific computing. openGR does not support HDF4.
version 2.x
SAMRAI is an AMR framework which openGR is based on.
SAMRAI Documentation: samrai-dox
version 1.5.x
VisIt is an HDF5 visualization package provided by LLNL.

openGR tarball

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Developed by the UT Center for Relativity