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Hello: I retired a few years ago and now lead a life of idleness and irresponsibility. That may sound like being a professor, but I don't have to serve on committees! I still get mail at UTAustin. If you want to meet me, please make an appointment. When you call, be prepared to leave a message and possibly to wait some time for a reply.

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What's New
Places to Try
Information for Students
Physics Quiz
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What's New

(3 September 2012) I recommend the following student-run seminars:

An Informal Introduction to General Relativity, Fridays (Fall 2012) 2:00-3:30, RLM 9.222. This excellent seminar has been organized by Justin Feng (who maintains the web site) and Phuc Nguyen.

A Seminar on theoretical physics, featuring a variety of graduate students from physics and math presenting various mathematical talks pertaining to physics.

The Education Forum, run by physics graduate students, featuring talks by students, faculty, and staff.

Places to Try

Center for Relativity Home Page
UT Physics Home Page
UTAustin Home Page

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin

Information for Students

UTAustin Learning Skills Center.
How to Study Physics

Physics Quiz

Here is a link to a physics quiz for browsers of this page. Have fun.

This quiz will ask such questions as: Why is the speed of light constant? (The answer may or may not surprise you.) Will a relativistic tank fall into a tank trap? Can you send signals faster than light by pushing on a rigid rod? And more!

And please send me any corrections and suggestions you may have; there is a link to a submission form on the quiz itself.

My research interests include general relativity, cosmology, and the foundations of classical mechanics. Here are links to two versions of Homogeneus Relativistic Cosmologies by Michael P. Ryan and Lawrence C.Shepley: djvu version (7.3 MB) pdf version (15.3 MB). If you simply click on one of these links, you may only get a black screen. Instead, save the linked file to your desktop (on the Mac, click on the link while holding down the control key and choose the appropriate action).

Here I am, relaxing in Antarctica, December 2001: